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Your home’s plumbing system is responsible for delivering potable water to all the pipes and plumbing fixtures in the home. When there’s a problem, it can make using your residential plumbing difficult. One of the areas in the home that uses has the most plumbing is the bathroom. It is in this room where we often experience issues that require the expertise of a plumber in Asheville, NC, and nearby areas.

Find out how Spartan Plumbing Inc., can help you maintain and repair your bathroom plumbing.

Toilet Plumbing Repairs

Toilet repair isn’t always the most pleasant topic to discuss, but you need working toilet plumbing. 

There are many things that can go wrong with your home’s toilet(s). The most common problem many people experience is having clogged toilets. Fixing this problem will not be as simple as using a plunger, as it may require professional drain cleaning services.

Another toilet repair our licensed plumbers handle is the leaky toilet. There are two kinds of toilet leaks, one is more obvious than the other. The most obvious toilet leak is when there’s water puddling around the base of the toilet. This can happen when the bolts holding the toilet in place are worn or loose. Another reason for this problem is a deteriorated wax seal.

The least obvious type of toilet leak is when the leak happens between the toilet bowl and the tank. The top sign that this is a problem is when you have a toilet that runs non-stop. Fixing this problem is simple and straightforward. Replacing faulty interior parts is the best solution.

If you have questions about toilet plumbing repairs in Asheville NC, call us today. We aim to help you use your bathroom plumbing without problems!

Faucet Repair and Replacement

Another important part of your bathroom plumbing is the sink faucet. This fixture gets turned on and off frequently throughout the day. With so much usage, it’s not surprising that gaskets and washers wear down and need replacing.

When a faucet leaks, contact a plumber to diagnose the problem. Slow faucet leaks waste water and your hard-earned money. Repairing or replacing a damaged faucet is always a better solution than ignoring the problem.

New Plumbing Installation

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Do you want to install a steam shower, a clawfoot tub, or another plumbing fixture? Bathroom remodeling jobs need the expertise of local plumbers.

Any time new plumbing connections need to be made or existing connections moved, you need to contact a licensed plumbing company. These services must be done by credentialed plumbers to make sure the job meets local building codes.

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