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When you need a plumber in Asheville, NC, it’s time to call Spartan Plumbing Inc. We have a huge array of plumbing services that fit the needs of every homeowner and offer affordable pricing for any budget. Plus, we strive to please every customer we serve whether it’s residential or commercial. Just know that we send out plumbing experts that come out in a clean uniform and heavily stocked van. They are on time and usually get the job done in one day.

We serve Asheville, NC, and nearby areas.

Why Choose Our Commercial Plumbing Services

We know the importance of the customer coming first, and that’s why when we provide our commercial plumbing repairs in Asheville, NC, and nearby areas, we take care of the tough jobs without interfering with the business at hand. Our commercial plumbers are experienced in doing the job right the first time so that every business owner’s mind is set at ease when it comes to providing comfortable plumbing for their customers to use. Having a commercial plumbing company that understands that business must go on regardless of what breaks down is important, and we will make sure to keep a clean workspace with respect to the business we are serving.

Services We Offer

The plumbing services in Asheville, NC, that we offer are for both commercial and residential customers that require that we adhere to all safety codes in the city and other areas. This includes the following services:

  • General Plumbing
  • Water Heater Services

When looking at our general plumbing services such as fixing running toilets, we not only repair them but rebuild them as well. Having the best parts in town ensures that the work that is done will last and our customers are happy. It’s very important that the plumbing repairs in Asheville, NC, and nearby areas that we provide when dealing with toilets consist of chlorine only flappers and gaskets. Also required are stainless steel gaskets along with double nut kits with brass bolts. We can’t forget the pro series fill valves along with the braided supply lines that are stainless steel. In the greater Asheville areas that we serve, these fixtures are mandatory.

Our water heater repair in Asheville, NC, and neighboring areas covers both traditional and tankless water heaters. First, we must adhere to the plumbing code that a thermal expansion device is installed on every water heater that has a pressure regulator, check valve, or water meter. If that is not in place, we need to be called out to take care of that installation. 

As part of our water heater services in Asheville, NC, and other areas we serve, we also do water heater installations. We are known for upgrading any system to the most modern design that will save every customer we serve money in the long run. If there are water leaks, just know that we must do a water heater replacement because of warranty and liability codes.

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