When to Replace Your Water Heater

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A water heater is among the most important features in your home. It provides the household with a steady supply of hot water, which is especially important when showering and washing dishes. According to Spartan Plumbing, here are the biggest signs you need water heater replacement in Asheville, NC.

Old Age

After about 10 years, most storage tank water heaters are on borrowed time. If your unit is old, now is a good time to upgrade to a tankless water heater in Asheville, NC. Most tankless units are engineered to last for a minimum of 20 years.

Rusty Water

Rusty water is a definite red flag. There’s a good chance that your tank has started to rust away on the inside. At this point, the only solution is to install a new unit. A licensed plumber in Asheville, NC from our team can complete the job within a day.


If you notice water on the floor near your unit, it’s likely developed a leak. You will need immediate water heater repair in Asheville, NC. Not only can a leaky water heater cause expensive structural damage, but it also creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow.

Rising Energy Bills

When your monthly energy bills start to rise, the water heater may be near the end of its service life. Newer water heaters are far more efficient. This is especially true for tankless units, which can use up to 50 percent less energy.

Noisy Performance

A well-maintained water heater should operate quietly. Keep your ears open for any strange knocking and banging. When your unit begins to become noisy, it’s time to seek a new water heater installation in Asheville, NC. It won’t be long before your old unit breaks down.

When you need professional water heater services in Asheville, NC, contact the experts at Spartan Plumbing. Feel free to ask us about any concerns you may have or schedule an appointment with our team.

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