Reasons Your Kitchen Sink is Clogged

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A lot happens in the kitchen, which is why kitchen sink clogs are a common problem for many homeowners. Here at Spartan Plumbing, we are a plumbing company in Asheville, NC, that helps homeowners understand the root of their clog issues. In this post, we discuss the reasons your kitchen sink is clogged.


Food is one of the biggest corporates for kitchen sink clogs. As you wash dishes, it’s common for leftover food to be washed down the drain. Most sinks come equipped with a sink P- or J- trap to catch food particles. However, this isn’t effective for smaller food particles.

The tiny particles of food becomes trapped in the pipe system under the sink, eventually leading to a clog. If this happens, you will need to consider plumbing services in Asheville, NC, for a drain cleaning.


Grease is another common issue for kitchen sink clogs. When grease is poured down the drain, it turns into a solid when cooled. This results in a sticky sediment that gets stuck in your drains and traps other food with it. For this reason, it’s never a good idea to allow grease to buildup in your drains. If you suspect you have grease buildup in your kitchen sink, schedule a drain cleaning with a plumber in Asheville, NC, as soon as possible.

Foreign Objects

While this may not be as common as food or grease buildup, occasionally, foreign objects can be the cause your kitchen sink clog. This is especially something to consider if you have smaller children. Be sure to manage any objects surrounding your kitchen drain that can potentially clog it. You want to minimize clogs as much as possible.

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